• Making Better Realities, through Art
  • Making Better Realities, through Science
  • Making Better Realities, through Experience

What Drives Us?

Making Better Realities

Making Augmented and Virtual Reality as good as Reality is not enough.
Our Vision is to make Augmented and Virtual Realities better than Reality.
Our Mission, to make Reality better through Augmented and Virtual Reality.

At Paracosma the Mission is to make Reality better through augmented and virtual reality. Our first goal is to make augmented and virtual reality as good as reality. We’re looking for photorealism and realistic interactions. Our next goal is to make augmented and virtual reality better than reality, enabling you to do dangerous and impossible and expensive things you cannot do in real life. Finally, our goal is to make reality better through augmented and virtual reality, whether through our sponsorship of VR for Good, our healthcare applications, or other areas in which we are able to improve peoples’ lives through AR and VR.
Through AR and VR we can experience Realities that are rare (fleeting or remote), impractical (dangerous or expensive), impossible (past or future);
or otherwise enable people to experience things (emotion or empathy) from a different perspective (identity or scale).


time or place


impractical or expensive


creative or taboo


real or imagined


human or animal


wild or fleeting


large or small


explore or learn

Paracosma Recognition

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PARACOSMA, Virtual Reality Since 1935
"Paracosma! Land-beyond-the-world!"

In his 1935 short story, "Pygmalion's Spectacles", Stanley G. Wienbaum first envisioned donning goggles to visit an immersive virtual world, named Paracosma, that could surpass the real world.

New IT Venture

New IT Venture founded as an IPTV content, technology R&D, delivery platform and services company. Since 2008, NITV has been creating and developing the knowledge and infrastructure to enable anytime, anywhere access to video content.


Paracosma founded as an AR and VR content, technology R&D, delivery platform and services company. Eighty years after the envisioning of VR, we now have the technology to visit Paracosma with anytime, anywhere access to VR content.

About Paracosma

Founded in 2016, Paracosma is an Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions Provider headquartered in San Francisco, with sales and technology offices in Tokyo, Japan and a development center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Paracosma offers custom AR and VR application development, both on a project basis as well as providing complete development teams to clients on a long-term basis.

Paracosma creates entire virtual worlds and produces live virtual events.

Paracosma offers 3D model creation, including high-volume production of photo-realistic models and complex digital twins.

Paracosma also generates synthetic images from simulated 3D environments to train deep-learning AI systems.

In addition, Paracosma has virtual production and360-degree video production teams and a 360 video distribution platform that is offered as a white-label service.

Paracosma has been recognized as one of the “World’s 10 Most Innovative AR/VR Solution Providers 2022”, “10 Most Trusted AR/VR Companies 2022”, “The 10 Most Reliable AR-VR Solution Providers 2021”, “Top 5 AR/VR Solution Companies 2022”, “Top 5 AR/VR Solutions Provider 2022”, “World’s Top 5 AR/VR Solution Providers 2021” and “World’s 5 Best AR/VR Solutions Providers 2022”.

Paracosma was founded in 2016, when consumer VR was launched to great fanfare. In addition to consumer VR, some of the most exciting areas for augmented and virtual reality are in healthcare, industry and enterprise.

Virtual and augmented reality are being adopted, more and more, by companies looking to save money, time, and improve results. Virtual reality has been shown to be as close to reality as possible in the field of training. So employees learn faster and they retain better as if they have done the activities themselves.

In the case of dangerous situations or high risk situations or expensive situations, it saves money, improves performance, and saves lives.

Augmented and virtual reality are difficult to do. The industry is changing very fast. The technology is evolving. So, for many companies, it is difficult to adopt these technologies.

However, AR/VR Solutions Providers, like Paracosma, are making the first steps easier and showing the benefits to those companies as they move forward. In a field like augmented and virtual reality, which is advancing so quickly, Paracosma has built expertise and talent across a broad range of areas that aren’t possible for most companies to develop in-house.

Paracosma is an industry leader in augmented and virtual reality application development and 3D content creation, including photorealistic 3D models and digital twins. Paracosma provides solutions across a broad range of augmented and virtual reality platforms, to both small and large businesses.

One of the advantages of working with Paracosma is our ability to offer a one stop shop for our clients. Because of the depth and breadth of our team, we’re able to provide specific solutions for their industry and need, whether it is surgery training to save lives, oil and gas handling to prevent fires and spills, industrial maintenance applications to improve productivity, or our own VR games for entertainment, we’re able to provide our clients what they need at a low cost and high quality.

Because of our affordable pricing, Paracosma lowers the barrier to entry for AR and VR. Whether our clients need an early demo, a proof of concept, or a full deployment, we can provide what they are looking for at the best value.
$4.488 B
3D Modeling
Market 2021
$11.64 B
VR Market
$15.2 B
AR Market
$63.8 M
Market 2021


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